We’ll Defend EFCC Boss Bawa Against Any Threat – Northern Youths Vow

Salihu in the middle during the world press conference held in Kaduna on 17-06-2021

Following the alleged threats to life by the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), Abdurasheed Bawa, Arewa Youth Assembly (AYA) on Thursday rose in his defence as one of them.

Bawa had in an interview with a national television a few days ago alleged threats to his life following his agency’s investigations on heavy property transactions involving some high profile Nigerians including a serving female minister and a bank administrator.

To this group, any threat against Bawa will lead to a serious setback in the fight against corruption in the country and should be resisted by all legitimate means.

Addressing a press conference at popular Arewa House, Kawo, Kaduna, Speaker of AYA, Mohammed Salihu Danlami lamented that, even though Nigerians are being portrayed as corrupt individuals, those that are corrupt are bent on destroying the national image without remorse, hence, their continuity in their corrupt practices.

According to Mohammed, “money meant for infrastructure, health, education among others has over the years, being stolen or embezzled by a few who in turn use the same loot to harass, torture and enslave other Nigerians.

“As concerned Nigerians, our concern is to see how we can minimise corruption in Nigeria which was the singular reason we gave President Muhammadu Buhari our support at the eve of 2015 elections as an anti-corruption crusader

“Today, we are proud that President Buhari appointed one of the best youths as the EFCC chairman. A young man who all Nigerians are pleased with because of the ways and manners he has been addressing corruption and giving our country a facelift before the international community.

“To our greatest surprise, this young man’s life has been in danger as a few highly corrupt elites in the society are threatening his life for doing his job diligently.

“We wonder whether he was being threatened because he is a young man or because he does not belong to any cabal. Why didn’t they threaten the ICPC officials or even Bawa’s predecessors the way they are threatening him?

“This threat should not be taken for granted and we as youths of this country have shown our support and respect for the chairman since when he was appointed and ready to stand by him to accomplish the task before him. Any attack or threat on Bawa is a threat to us and we shall rise to defend him”, he promised.