Sen Sani denies given PDP N10m Says it was a cook up story by political enemies within APC

Sen Sani denies given PDP N10m

Says it was a cook up story by political enemies within APC

By Ojo Shola, Kaduna

Senator representing Kaduna Central, Comrade Shehu Sani, has debunked the rumour making the rounds that he was having secrete meetings with some PDP stalwarts in Southern Kaduna area for political alliance and discussions. He described the allegation as handiwork of political caricatures within All Progressives Congress in the state.

Activist turned Senator also frown at allegation that he gave the sum of N10 million as financial inducement to lobby the PDP members for political alliance.

Before now, there was a statement credited to the Kaduna All Progreessives Congress (APC) spokesperson, Alhaji Salisu Tanko Wusono, linking him to a meeting with some PDP stakeholders in Southern Kaduna area ahead of 2019, which the Senator described as ‘outright falsehood and deceitful’ aimed at to misinform the public.

This reaction was contained in a statement issued by Special Assistant to Senator Shehu Sani on Political Matters, Comrade Suleiman Ahmed. He stressed that Sani, as loyal member of APC, has no basis to have met with PDP members and even giving any form monetary inducement.

The statement quoted Senator Sani as saying, ” I am voted under APC platform and will continue to contribute my humble quota to development of the party in all ramifications.”

“The Kaduna state APC is yet to recover from the shame these individuals caused the party when they and another aide of the Governor by name Muktar Ahmed Monrovia, attempted to bribe some ward exco members with the sum of N500,000 to engineer the suspension of Senator Shehu Sani.

“After that failed and disastrous suspension plot against the Senator, they have resorted to other face saving measures aimed at maintaining their lines of extortion. Wusono started spreading unfounded lies and allegations which even the Nigerian Police authorities had to come out publicly and debunk. They also devised the cowardly act of using President Muhammadu Buhari’s name to incite the public against perceived enemies,” Ahmed said.

While recalling that the same APC spokesman was the one who rained insults and abuses on a National Officer of the APC, the North-west zonal vice chairman Alhaji Inuwa Abdulkadir when he came to Kaduna to address the crises in the party, pointing out that even when the acting National Publicity secretary of the party, Mr Timi Frank issued a statement corroborating the position of the North-West zonal Vice Chairman, they never spared him of their invectives.

“It is disheartening that the APC in Kaduna State has been so polarized and reduced to a level where the party is now being run by persons who have no political clout or integrity. It is also very unfortunate that the state governor will allow his stooges to insult National officers, plot and spread lies against elected and notable personalities in the party that gave him succor, political relevance and power when he was muscled out of the then ruling PDP.

“It is imperative for the media and general public to understand that the whole charade about the APC in Kaduna State is a script being played out with the sole aim of making monetary gains and at the same time maintaining a crisis that will make it impossible for stakeholders to hold the government to account.

“I wish to reiterate that Senator Shehu Sani remains the most credible and respected APC personality in Kaduna State today and no amount of blackmail, false stories, concoctions and outright lies will derail him from standing by the truth and speaking out his mind. Senator Shehu Sani, as an activist has been speaking out his mind on local, national and international issues decades before any of the present political office holders in Kaduna state became known.

“I wish to use this medium to challenge Mallam Uba Sani to a debate on issues that has to do with the governance of Kaduna state and may I also make it abundantly clear that Senator Shehu Sani will be readily available for any debate between himself and the governor regarding any issue ether online, radio or television. I am also calling on the media and the general public to disregard and ignore any text sent to the media aimed at staining the good name of Senator Shehu Sani. This has become necessary because the simple truth is that they are afraid of the strong and truthful statements emanating from the senator and most of all they are jittery because of his popularity and rising profile. They have shown that they are touts who have no respect for the National officers of the APC and cannot withstand constructive criticism.
“They have also continuously shown disrespect and disregard for the press, electorates, elected office holders and stakeholders. This is evident in a statement credited to the Governor when he told the electorate to go, climb the Kufena hills and fall. Another fall out of their high handedness is that the party secretariat is now like a graveyard, deserted and devoid of any activities.

“It is time for the general publics to ether ignore them or ask them to channel the huge amounts being expended in fighting Senator Sani to developmental projects. The Senator, as a party man, has resolved to abide by the recommendations of the National Secretariat and consequently will work diligently with President Mohammadu Buhari for the success of the APC led government both at the States and National levels,” the statement added.

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