Sen. La’ah condoles Southern Kaduna over demise of Gyatyap

Sen. Laah condoles Southern Kaduna over demise of Gyatyap


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Senator representing Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone at the Senate, Senator Danjuma Laah, yesterday condoled Southern Kaduna over the demise  of the Gyatyap of Atyap land, Dr. Harroson Bungwon, who died in his sleep in his Palace in Zangon Kataf town, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area, LGA of Kaduna state on Wednesday at the age 67.

The Atyap  people constitute the biggest native  ethnic group in Kaduna state after the indigenous Hausa speaking people.

In a Statement he personally signed and made available to newsmen in Kaduna yesterday Laah said: “I wish to condole the great people of Atyap Traditional Council,  Atyap land and indeed  the entire Southern Kaduna zone over the lost of our paramount ruler,  Gwatyap, Dr. Harrison Bungwon.

“He was not only an inspirational leader of the Atyap nation, a  wise counsellor, a leader totally committed to the wellbeing of his Chiefdom, he was a peacemaker and treated all the various sub-groups in his chiefdom with dignity.

“As we mourn this monumental lose of our father and mentor, I call on all the people of Atyap Chiefdom to rally round his immediate family with every needed support, especially  with prayers at this their trying period.

“I pray that God our creator heals our hearts and grant  us succour in this sad period.

“May his gentle soul find eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord”

Bungwon had a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, lectured at the Kaduna Polytechnic and became Kaduna State Commissioner of Works in 1993. He  went back to his lecturing job  before ascending the throne in 2005.

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