Release looted monies in bulk, Sen Sani tells foreign custodians of Nigeria loots

Release looted monies in bulk, Sen Sani tells foreign custodians of Nigeria loots

By Godwin Ekosin, Kaduna

“Nigerians are systematically being misinformed and deceived.

“If actually Abacha had such huge amount of money in the western banks, why can’t they return all the money and send it back to Nigeria?

“Why is it only Abacha, while loots of other looters that are alive have not been recovered and returned to Nigeria?

“I think Abacha’s loot is simply a deception by western financial institutions to cover up the loot of those living by throwing some crumbs of the loot to us, thinking we would be appeased and our attention drawn away from those who are living and keeping our monies in their country.

“We would be unfair to him if we say there are no good things that he did. Abacha did good things that many people that are alive today have not done.”

Those were the words of Senator Shehu Sani while addressing the Igbo Muslim Women Forum in Kaduna on Saturday.

The Senate Committee Chairman on Foreign and Domestic Debts, said the idea of partly returning of late head of state’s loots is a deception to divert attention away from those that are living and have looted the treasury of this country.

Senator representing Kaduna Central further said, “in the last 18 years, Nigeria has received series of releases of funds by banks in Switzerland and other countries of the west on what is called Abacha’s loot. But I think the western financial institutions and banks are simply deceiving Nigerians.
He challenged the West to come out openly and release all the monies looted by those in government or out of government immediately ,so that Nigerians can know the looters, who are alive, see them and hear their voices.

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