Rapists to serve 14 years prison term in Kano

Rapists to serve 14 years prison term in Kano

By GoBroadsheet

The Kano State Solicitor General, Mukthar Daneji, has said the state has finally put a 14-year jail term without option of fine as minimum punishment for rape culprit​s​.

Speaking during Justice for All Conference in the State, Wednesday, the Solicitor General noted​ that ​the ​punishment for rape which used to be one or two years or fine ​was changed with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

He said the punishment was increased because of the rapid rise in rape cases in the state.

Mr. Danije, while not giving official figures, explained that many parents now come forward to report their children being raped. He attributed it to the awareness campaign put forward by the state.

The Solicitor General disclosed that so far, they have disposed hundreds of cases and many people have been convicted after found guilty.

The Country Director of the Justice for All, Bob Arnot, said his organisation is working in collaboration with the police and judiciary to increase safety, security and justice reform aspect of sexual gender violations.

He noted that the J4A was assisting NGOs and CSOs to establish referral centers for victims of HIV and other sexual abuse problems.

Bob Anort worried that J4A has recorded minimal successes in terms of getting justice for the over 1000 cases it has come across. (PT)

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