Pastors donate prayer mats, others to Kaduna mosques

Pastors donate prayer mats, others to Kaduna mosques

By Ojo Shola, Kaduna

In a bid to promote religious tolerance and better understanding among different faith organizations in Nigeria, a team of Christian clerics have donated over one hundred plastic kettles and prayer Mats to some mosques in kaduna metropolis.

The team was headed by General Overseer of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry Sabon Tasha Kaduna, Pastor Yohanna Buru, accompanied by some Reverend fathers, Evangelists and Church Members.

Some of the entourage said the purpose is to boost cordial friendship with the sole aim of making their followers learn to live with one another irrespective of religious differences, and to shun all forms of ethno-religious, political and communal crises which has a negative impact to peace and stability of the country

Pastor Buru said, “we have come to donate these Plastic Kettles and Prayer Mats to the mosques leaders because we all worship one God and we are one family of Adams and Eve. Both the churches and mosques are all holy places of God.

“Shortly after the post election violent in 2011, I have donated some huge amount of money to some Imams to reconstruct their demolished mosques that were in Christian domain with the aim of teaching both Muslims and Christians how to forgive, tolerate, love, accommodate one another and to preach against attacking holy places.“

“The Division of kaduna state as a result of religious and political crises is a total setback to peace and stability in the country, considering how southern kaduna is highly dominated by Christian settlers, while the northern region of the state is also been dominated by majority Muslims.”

Pastor Buru further said that, “last year, I was invited to over 60 Maulud celebration (Birth of the Holy prophet mohammad S.A.W) and this year also I attended over 10 different Maulud celebration by different Muslim organizations in kaduna and some other neighboring states and I did that because the bible teaches us to joy and celebrate with our neighbors and also to mourn with them when something bad really happen to them.

”Muslims are our brothers and neighbors ,we must join hands together to live in peace, because we all have Holy Books “Qur’an and Bible” and both faith believed in the teachings of these books. We must support Muslims when building mosques as some of them also support us when constructing our churches,” he added.

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