Ogun party leader want Buhari prosecute corruption suspects

Ogun party leader want Buhari prosecute corruption suspects

By Bayo Akanmu, Abeokuta

A chieftain of Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Rotimi Paseda, has urged the Buhari-administration to go tougher on looters of the nation’s treasury by prosecute the suspects to serve as deterrents.

Mr. Paseda denied his party benefited from the alleged $2.1 arms money diversion by former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

Mr. Paseda made the remark in an interview with journalists at Sagamu, in Ogun State, on Tuesday.

“I can assure you that what happened and what you are referring to has absolutely nothing to do with the UPN, we did not participate. I challenge anybody to bring out any documentation that UPN- Paseda or UPN chairman, Prof. Okuwa or any of the UPN chieftain participated in any form. We are legitimate people, we are God-fearing,” he said.

“The issue here is, let’s call a spade a spade, in any political party, previous and current, there would always be bad eggs, you can’t avoid that. Some will be good while some will be bad,” he added.
Speaking further, the former governorship candidate of the party in Ogun State lamented that the scandal exposed those who should be the nation’s leaders.

“When you say you are a leader, then you are supposed to set examples; we lead by examples, but when you are found wanting, what do you expect the citizen to do. I am ashamed because I expect better,” he stated.

On his message to President Muhammed Burial, the UPN leader said the president should not relent but should deal decisively with anybody found wanting.

“He should not be persuaded, he should not feel challenged, he should not be under any unnecessary pressure to step down. Rather he should step up. What I am looking for, I want to see prosecution. We have had enough of arrests. Let us have an example. Then the people in the diaspora, will know that we mean business,” Mr. Paseda emphasised.

“I never supported President Muhammadu Buhari from the onset. I was against him, I was against Goodluck Jonathan. I went abroad recently, I couldn’t use my credit card. It was very difficult. But I am happy because that is the beginning of what we want to do in our state.

“We have to suffer before we can actually realize that these things should be corrected. If I am facing that, then its means that people like us are in the same boat as the people of Ogun state. Let’s us face it, let’s all suffer it,” he maintained.

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