Niger 2016: Nigerians, Nigeriens tie spiritual knot

Niger 2016: Nigerians, Nigeriens tie spiritual knot
By: Akon Eddy
Nigerians from all walks of live have been called upon to pray for peace during and after the elections in Niger Republic schedule for February 21, 2016.
President, Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation, Pastor Yohana Buru made the call at a meeting organized by the High Council of Nigerien Abroad in Kaduna on Friday.
Pastor Buru said the meeting is timely and encouraging because Niger Republic and Nigeria are brothers, adding that it is the colonial government that came in to give the two countries a geographical line.
“This is something that’s very encouraging. Niger Republic and Nigeria are brothers.   It is the colonial government that came in to give us a boundary and said there’s a border;  but in reality there are Hausas in Niger and same in Nigeria.  There are Kanuries in Niger and also in Nigeria and you can mention Fulanis and others we have in Northern Nigeria that link up with Niger Republic.
“When Nigeria was about having her election, I listen and watched keenly when Nigerien were praying for Nigeria and I led several delegations to Niger seeking for advice how, we can pray together to bring peace in the wake of insurgency issue in our country. 
“Successfully Niger Republic cooperated with us, not twice or thrice. Not less than 25th delegations went to Niger and they prayed for Nigeria. I heard it when I met with them and now it’s the turn of Niger to have her election, it’s often said one good turn deserves another.  That’s why we’re here to tell Nigerien that we’re together, that unity has been between Niger and Nigeria. 
“The way we’ve been living together as neigbhours and brothers at the same time, Nigeria is wishing Niger well and also have come to pray along with them for peaceful election come 2016; and we advise Nigerien that whosoever that comes out as the leader they should accept him like Nigeria did,” Pastor Buru said.
Sidilghabit Ahmat Tarwaq, Secretary General, Niger Community in Nigeria and Chairman of Commission Electorale Nationale Independante, electoral body in diaspora, comprising Nigeria, Gabon, Congo, Cameroon and others said the meeting was necessitated at the wake of his country’s forthcoming election schedule for February 21, 2016, to seek for advice and prayers from  her neigbhour Nigeria.
According to the Secretary General, “Niger Republic and Nigeria are neighbours and brothers and as a matter of fact it is only mental and spiritual lines that separate the two countries, there’s no difference, we’re all together every day.   In two hour time I can cross the border and come back. 
He further said, census for voters has been successfully concluded and preparation for the 2016 election almost completed, urging all Nigerien living in diaspora to participate fully and vote candidates of choice.
“We have already conducted the voters’ census which ended successfully.  Now we’re heading for the election.  The first round which is the presidential and legislative is schedule for February 21, 2016 and all preparations are almost completed; we’ll participate in all with the same voter’s card.
“There will be different boxes for the presidential and house of reps so voters’ can go and vote candidate of their choice,” Tarwaq said.

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