“Kaduna State: Prioritising Expenditure On Infrastructure Over Human Capital Dev”

According to the Kaduna State 2020 Auditor-General report, the Kaduna Roads Agency (KADRA) spent about 33.5 billion under capital expenditure within the period. Township roads got the highest actual expenditure of 28.0 billion under the agency. Similarly, the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure spent about N12.2 billion. This put together is about N45.7 billion, minus other agencies in the infrastructure sector.

A quick run down of the actual expenditure of other Ministry, Department & Agencies (MDAs), especially those contributing to human capital development shows a wide disparity. For instance, what was spent on township roads (28 billion) alone is more than what was spent in Health and Education.

Below are the actual expenditure (Capital) of a few MDAs within the period:

Ministry of Agriculture
Actual Expenditure – N286 million

Kaduna Agricultural Development Agency
Actual Expenditure – 0

Ministry of Business Innovation Technology
Actual Expenditure – N497,046.86

Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs
Actual Expenditure – N2.5 billion

Ministry of Education
Actual Expenditure – N11 billion

Kaduna State University (Eco. Code: 23020118)
Actual Expenditure – N47 million

State Universal Basic Education Board
Actual Expenditure – N491 million

Ministry of Health
Actual Expenditure – N3.1 billion

Kaduna State Primary Healthcare Development Agency/Board
Actual Expenditure – 1.6 billion

✓ Government should prioritize human capital development in actual expenditure not just in budget allocations (Abuja declaration of 15% for Health and 26% for Education).

✓ Civil Society need to pay more attention on budget releases and cash-backing not just allocations.

✓ Civil Society need to intensify advocacy on increased spending on Human Capital Development.

Lets engage ask the right questions and hold the government accountable.