Kaduna Assembly in disarray over alleged car gift from State govt

Kaduna Assembly in disarray over alleged car gift from State govt


//Godwin Ekosin, Kaduna//

The exotic cars brouhaha for Nigerian lawmakers at federal level is now steeping to states with Kaduna taken the lead.

This came as some members of Kaduna State House of Assembly covertly expressed anger over cars given by the Kaduna state government to heads of committees of the Assembly.

If this is anything to go by, then nothing tangible should be expected from the lawmakers because who pays the Piper dictates the tune.

A source close to one of the assembly members informed a group of journalists today , that while some members appeared to be comfortable with the development , others are worry that it will create division in the house.

“It suspicious to give cars to committee heads and abandon the principal officers of the House. We believe it is an attempt to influence them to do bidding of the executive arm of government .

“Already some of the members are angry over this disturbing development. This divide and rule system will make it difficult for members to fight for the voters and other citizens of the state that gave them the mandate to make laws for them. The source said.

When contacted to react on the allegation , House Committee Chairman on Information , Honourable Nuhu Machu Goro Shadalafiya, confirmed it is true that committee heads were given cars , but said, “It is the normal practice .”

“We have 34 committees in the House of Assembly and we have 34 members , so, I don’t think it is true that some members are angry . But it is true that our principal officers are yet to get theirs.

“When you say the state government gave us cars , it is not to influence us to help them , but to help us to do our work effectively. Before the cars were given , it was difficult for us to perform our oversight function.” Shaddalafiya stated.

According to the member representing Kagarko constituency in the House , the cars are not for individuals, but the committees and if at the expiration of their tenure , they are usually auctioned to interested members .

He however, cited this example ,” If you work for an organization , do you use your personal cars , the answer is no and that is what exactly happened here . The cars are giving to facilitate commmittee work .”

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