Inclusion of N2b for nuclear power in 2016 budget il-timed – Sen Sani

Inclusion of N2b for nuclear power in 2016 budget il-timed – Sen Sani


//Godwin Ekosin, Kaduna//

“I will use this opportunity to restate my clear opposition to the attempt by the Federal Government to invest in Nuclear Energy. Nuclear energy is unsafe for our country, it comes with a lot of danger.

 “And in this year’s budget there is 2 billion naira allocated to Nuclear Energy for the construction of nuclear station, but my own fear is, are we ready for
Nuclear power? We are not, nuclear power station is not like what
happened when Militants break the pipelines and the next day it
is being repaired.

“Money budgeted for nuclear power should be used for renewable energy either through windmill or solar power.

“It comes with alot of safety measures, and safety needs of the society. If we are to install a nuclear station, we must know that it comes with a lot of consequences.

“Nuclear station is not an NNPC depot, it is also not an NNPC pipeline where you can break it today and tomorrow is being repaired, and everything goes on. “We have seen the danger of nuclear power station in Japan and in Russia. So we must be very careful.”

Those were the wordings of Chairman, Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts, Senator Shehu Sani, while speaking to journalists on Monday shortly after donating 150 solar energy panels and 60 electricity transformers to 100 communities in his constituency.

Senator Sani said the N2 billion should be reallocated to renewable solar energy so that Nigerians could benefit from it rather than endangering them with nuclear power.

Sani who represents Kaduna central senatorial zone under All Progressives Congress (APC) pointed out the danger of nuclear power station in Japan and  Russia, stressing that Nigeria  must be very careful in going into such  bloody risky ventures .

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