High electric tariff: Reps stop further increment

High electric tariff: Reps stop further increment

By GoBroadsheet

Members of National Assembly (Lower chamber) have directed electricity commissioner to immediately stop distribution companies from further increase in electricity tariff.

This came up during plenary as the House summoned NERC and the Discos to appear before it to answer questions on the issue to ensure Nigerians were not short changed.

The resolution emanated from a motion sponsored by Solomon Maren (PDP-Plateau Mangu/Bokkos) on the need to arrest the proposed “unrealistic upward review of electricity tariff” by the distribution companies.

Mr. Maren expressed concern that power generation and distribution in the country was in a state of comatose leading to the closure of industries causing unemployment and hampered development of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

He explained that though the House had resolved against the further collection of flat rates termed illegal and not in tandem with best practices, Discos had begun devising other means of collecting monies from Nigerians.

“In many parts of the world, electricity tariffs are reducing due to fallen oil prices as much of electricity is generated by gas which is a component of crude.

“If not checked, these unwholesome practices will continue to the detriment of the Nigerian masses which will also slow down the development of SMEs which spur industrial development.

“Discos took over the distribution of electricity from PHCN close to two years now, what have they added to the sector since they took over that warrants increase in tariff,’’ Maren asked.

The motion was unanimously adopted by the House presided by the Deputy Speaker, Suleiman Lasun.

Mr. Lasun advised NERC and the Discos to immediately begin the provision of prepaid metres to every consumer nationwide. (PT)

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