Fulani vs South-west: Yoruba leaders divided

Fulani vs South-west: Yoruba leaders divided

By Segun Ayobami, Kaduna

Following the threat by prominent Yoruba leaders of thought last week Thursday in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, that nomadic herdsmen should vacate the South-west states as a result of their alleged involvement in the kidnap of Chief Olu Falae and subsequent destruction of his farm, the Yoruba Community in the Northern States and Abuja, had argued that Fulani must not leave South-west on mare allegation.

The group suggested that instead of instigating tribal crisis, the concerned Yoruba leaders who are involved in the threat to be careful in running to conclusion over the issue of Chief Falae.

The Yoruba leaders rose from the meeting held yesterday in Kaduna to issue a communique which was jointly signed by its Ambassador Mohammed Arigbabuwo, Chairman, Major-General Lawrence Jokotola (Rtrd) and Justice Saka Ibiyeye (OFR) and made available to media.

Part of the communique said, “the meeting though condemned the activities of the alleged kidnappers in its totality which if not handle with maturity may lead to crisis.

“The meeting dissociate the entire Yoruba community in the Northern states from the threat of some Yoruba leaders who were alleged to threat to send the Fulani away from the South-west.

“The meeting noted that it is not only in the South-west that conflicts have had took its toll between the Fulani and other tribes such as in Benue, Nasarawa and Edo states without any threat to forcefully eject anybody from their land, rather they should sit together and find lasting solutions to the crisis.

“Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians and all tribes have the right to reside in any part of the country,” added the communique.

The group however suggested that the way forward is for the Federal Government to immediately put an inquiry in place to look into the remote and immediate cause of the crisis with a view to find a permanent solution that will enhance the spirit of change that is enveloping Nigeria.

Valued Yoruba leaders had on Thursday, after an emergency submit in Ibadan, said they would not allow activities of nomadic herdsmen on their farmlands and brutal attacks on their people, thereby saying, “all nomadic herdsmen are to wind up their criminal nomadic activities in Yorubaland. Failing to do so may attract several consequences,”

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