El-Rufai, others accused of sponsoring campaign against Buhari ahead 2019

El-Rufai, others accused of sponsoring campaign against Buhari ahead 2019

By Godwin Ekosin, Kaduna

Political crisis rocking All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna on Tuesday took another dimension as group under the auspices of Kaduna APC Youths Forum, accused the governor, of sponsoring campaign against President Muhammadu Buhari through a commissioned twitter handle.

According to a statement signed by the Chairman of the forum, Ahmad Abu Abdallah, the leadership of the ruling APC in the state is making mockery of the party through their anti-party activities, thereby making it look ‘unserious’.

The group further alleged that Governor El-Rufai is a man with a rapid presidential ambition, as evident in a twitter handle that has already started campaigns towards this goal ahead the 2019 electioneering.

“We are all know that El-Rufai could not win the APC primary without president Buhari’s endorsement which served as an undue advantage favoring him against more established contestants. Even at that, it will be very interesting if he can tell the general public how much he dolled out to delegates at the primaries for them to vote him.

“Governor El-Rufai, instead of concentrating on the mandate we gave him, is more concerned to selling himself to other parts of the country. In a bid to present himself as accommodating and nationalistic to other regions of the federation, El-Rufai left out more qualified indigenes and settlers of Kaduna State and gave his cronies and associates, who have never been to kaduna key appointments in Kaduna State.

“This is a plot aimed at achieving his 2019 presidential ambitions.

“We have also observed that El-Rufai takes up every available opportunity that presents it’s self to undermine the present administration of President Mohammadu Buhari.”

The group also alleged that the governor is fond of ‘hijacking’ Mr. President’s policies to make it look as if he was the brain behind them by first implement same in the state a day before the president will do similar thing.

“Each time he gets a wind of an impending policy of the federal government, El-Rufai rushes to implement it first in kaduna state so that when the federal government eventually announces the policy, the general impression will be that President Buhari is copying El-Rufai’s policies. This is evident in the way he rushed to implement the TSA in kaduna state before the FG announced it.

“Also when he got wind that Pres. Buhari is contemplating trimming the federal ministries, he rushed and did  so in Kaduna. Even now that the FG is planning an economic summit, El-Rufai is planning to beat then to that.

“It is rather laughable that Gov. El-Rufai thinks he can deceive everyone into believing that he is a staunch supporter of Pres. Buhari. Well, please tell him that we are not falling for his deceit as we are aware that, despite the huge resources at his disposal, he deliberately refused to take on his colleague Governor Ayodele Fayose who is well known for his strong disdain for our President. El-Rufai’s silence and refusal to take on Fayose each time the later criticizes president Buhari is to us,  a tactical endorsement of Fayose’s attacks on the President.

“While the government at the federal level is busy fighting corruption, there have been strong allegations that some cronies of the governor gave out huge sums of bribes to ward executives to facilitate the purported suspension of Sen. Shehu Sani. The governor never made any effort to get to the root of this serious allegation. Same as when one of his SAs, Uban Sani was accused of illegally and forcefully grabbing lands belonging to the masses of Gidan Daji village in the Kaduna Millenium city, the Governor looked the other way.

“We are solidly behind all those who are for true democracy and rule of law in kaduna state. We are also solidly behind Pre. Mohammadu Buhari, therefore we shall not fold our arms and watch some opportunists a drag the name of our party APC into the mud,” the statement added.

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