Baptist clerics declare support for Buhari’s anti-graft war

Baptist clerics declare support for Buhari’s anti-graft war

By Shola Ojo, Kaduna

Chairman, Kaduna Baptist Conference (Nigerian Baptist Convention), Reverend Banjo Ajao, has said Baptist Clerics, especially those in Kaduna are in support of economic revitalization policies of President Muhammadu Buhari’s led Federal Government.

The Cleric, who sated this during the 39th Annual Session of the Kaduna Baptist Conference, held at Kujama Baptist Village Kaduna, between 4-6 February, 2016, urged Nigerians to diligently discharge their responsibilities towards improving spiritual and economy development of the nation instead of grumbling and complaining.

Rev Ajao, who had earlier congratulated President Buhari and Governor Nasir El-Rufai on their victory during the 2015 elections, also urged those who have lost various elective posts not to lose hope but to try again.

“We thank our God for answering our prayers last year 2015 during the general election.

“God did the wonders of given us a peaceful election. The expectations of the evil ones was that this country Nigeria would be destabilized during and after the election. But glory to God in the highest! He frustrated the devices of the enemies of this country, and put nothing all their expectations. Who says and come to pass when God have not spoken (Job 5:12-13)?
The elections have been won and loosed.

“Those who have lost various elective posts should not lose hope. They should try again in the future if the Lord wishes, they will win. We want to congratulate those who have won!

“We congratulate the President and the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, His Excellency President Mohammadu Buhari, and all his cabinet members. We also wish to congratulate the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. May I challenge you all; always remember to fulfill all your electioneering campaign promises.

“Moreover, we challenge all tiers of government to work assiduously in creating an enabling environment for a dynamic economic growth, massive job creation for teaming unemployed youths, and providing and sustaining security of life to all and sundry.

“May your tenure witness unprecedented peace, progress and sustainable developments in Jesus Name. As body of Christ in Nigeria, let us continue to support our political leaders with our constant prayers, and performing our civic responsibilities regularly,” he stressed.

The Senior Rev in charge of First Baptist Church, Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, while speaking on the theme of the conference, “Working Out our Salvation by Doing All Things without Grumbling and Disputing,” was taken from Philippians 2:12 -14, told attendees to take cognizance from the concept of their salvation.

He further described salvation experience as a continuous experience which “we have been saved from the penalty of our sins, we are been saved from the power of sin, and one day, we shall be saved from the presence of sin (2 Corinthians 2:15; Acts 2:47; 1 Corinthians 1: 18).”

According to him, “working out our salvation is working to retain and safeguard our salvation. It is being conscious of the need for each individual Christian not to fall below the grace of Salvation when he gave his or her life to Christ.

“Working out our salvation is also fighting against interference of the flesh along Christian pilgrimage that may make us miss the mark; the mark of the confession we have made in him that we will follow him, that we will carry our cross daily; working out our salvation is carrying your Cross on daily basis; denying the flesh. The second aspect is carrying out our spiritual responsibilities without grumbling and complaining.

“Our Baptist Village project is on course and we need nothing less than N50million to start again after it was destroyed by whirlwind sometime ago! People of God, God is by our side! At such a time as this, do not be discouraged! I want to challenge us that before we leave this place, let us renew our commitment to pledge both monetary and material contributions toward this lofty project,” he stated.

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