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Atiku Care Foundation is aimed at caring for the less privileged Nigerians at the grassroot, showcasing the Man Atiku Abubakar’s unique qualities to Nigerians and the world at large. Also bringing Atiku closer to the grassroot and the Nigerian populace via our activities, the media, social media and other numerous platforms called Atiku Care media which we are using to highlighting his past and present humanitarian and business achievements.
The ACF is a multi-dimensional research centre, media outlet and an advocacy project that is born out of unalloyed passion for Nigeria and the African continent at large. The organisation comprises of well-meaning individuals, groups and organisations that are inspired by the philanthropic qualities of former Vice President of Nigeria, Alh. Abubakr Atiku GCON Turakin Adamawa.

Situational Analysis

Nigeria is a developing country with a population of and according to the NBS estimate of 2016, about 105 million people are living below the poverty line. Poverty is mainly interpreted in the populace’s state of Health, Education and Security. In any country where these factors mentioned are threatened, it is unfortunate that children are more vulnerable to their effects.

 The government and over 2000 NGOs operating in Nigeria have been working tirelessly to curb the problems in Nigeria, but the fact that these problems persist in many areas, is evidence that more help is needed. 

This is why the Atiku Care Foundation (ACF), has stepped up and is availing itself to assist in data collection, analysis and management as well as information dissemination so as to create awareness to the impending problems. This would allow Atiku Care Foundation to properly connect the vulnerable and in need, to their willing helpers. 


ACF envisions a Nigeria where the poor and vulnerable people are well informed, educated and empowered to contribute directly to the nation’s sustainable development under the rule of law.


Our mission is to coordinate awareness campaigns on impending issues bordering on health, education and security and also where/how we can, provide assistance in those areas.


The goals of Atiku Care Foundation  (ACF) are guided by five (5) major areas where Atiku Abubakar exceptionally succeeded in:

Family: ACF shall be creating awareness on family values and the importance of care giving. It will partner with other organisations in campaigning against domestic violence, drug abuse and other challenges. Family being the smallest unit of the society is a good place to start if we intend to safeguard the health of the nation. 

Health campaigns, seminars, training and workshops shall be organized by Atiku Care Foundation so as to establish the values of hygiene in Nigeria.


Many children are born and are abandoned or maltreated by biological parents that are either too young to be, or are ignorant of ideal parenting.

 ACF shall help, with the help of orphanages to help and also planning on introducing the foster parenting system where families can be paid to take care of children. Our initial plan is for children in need to be fostered by members of the extended family, then we will progress to non-related foster parents.


Atiku Abubakar is regarded as a champion of education in Africa and he has indented his footprints in so many areas related to education therefore it is an example ACF intends to religiously follow.  Through Research and Development, we are going to direct the learning process of children in Nigeria towards a developmental (similar to what Atiku Abubakar is achieving at American University of Nigeria, Yola) and need based form of education, training and/or skill acquisition.


ACF is before anything else a bridge builder. Therefore we are going to be working with so many non-profit and nongovernmental organizations to bring about precise help to those in need particularly in the areas of Education, Health, and security.


 Atiku Abubakar only retired from civil service in 1989 where he excelled as a public officer but since then, he has fully dedicated himself to improving the leadership qualities in Nigeria. This organisation is therefore dedicated to advocating to good governance and leadership in Nigeria and beyond. We plan to start right from the lower levels with children, using our education initiatives. 


 It has been well established that the country can only economically thrive when the Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) are well supported. Atiku Abubakar like most people, was born in a poor family but through hard work and determination, he has grown small businesses into global names. ACF is going to help provide knowledge, training and network that would encourage small businesses round Nigeria.

Most NGOs and governmental initiatives stop at training and skill acquisition. Through research and development ACF shall go even as far as linking new producers, with their potential markets.

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