Saraki’s Assets Saga: PDP planning hijacking senate

Saraki’s Assets Saga: PDP planning hijacking senate

Though the Senate President has kept a stoic face that he is on top of the dire situation he is entangled in, a source disclosed that behind the scene,
he has in the last couple of days reached out to three of the nation’s former leaders and other influential Nigerians to intercede on his behalf to the President.

While one of the ex-leaders indeed spoke to the President on the issue, the two others allegedly declined and instead asked him to make peace with his party at “whatever cost.”

The euphemism for “whatever cost”, according to a source is for Saraki to either step down or accede to his party’s position on the composition of principal offices in the Senate.

An attempt by Saraki to also co-opt the Emir of Kano, Mohammed Sanusi (an old student of the prestigious Kings College like Saraki) was also futile as the monarch failed to extract any commitment from the President.

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