Kaduna Assemblies of God Church holds 10th annual convention

Kaduna Assemblies of God Church holds 10th annual convention

By Godwin Ekosin and Eddy Akon, Kaduna

Assemblies of God Church Nigeria, Kaduna District, has started its 10th year annual convention also known as Overcomers’ Rendezvous. The convention with reach its climax on Sunday, 20th March, 2016 at its auditorium located at Nassarawa by Junction road, Kaduna.

Senior Reverend in charge, Solomon Kasuwa, said theĀ Rendezvous is a gathering of believers for the purpose of spiritual renewal.

According to him, “the Church deem it fit that this annual convention has come to stay because it has touched lives vertically and horizontally.

“This year’s convention is tagged: “Mega Restoration. I know the Devil is at work and according to Joel 2:25, talking about the canker worm, palmerworm, caterpillar etc. Lots of things have been eaten in the lives of people.

“Today, many believers are not really in the faith due to some challenges in their lives.

“This program is to helping stabilize the spirituality of members, and even the public that also attend. It is interdenominational in nature.

“This year with the calibre of speakers at the event, God Almighty will touch lives, salvation, healings etc will come our way,” he said.

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