‘Drug abuse responsible for increase crime in Nigeria’

‘Drug abuse responsible for increase crime in Nigeria’

By Ojo Shola

A Psychiatric Dr, Oguizu Okechukwu has identified the abuse of illicit drugs as the major fuel burning the flame of insurgency and other insecurity in the country.

He stated this in a paper he presented at a sensitization seminar organized by the Nurturing Fitral Foundation in Kaduna on Saturday.

Dr. Okechukwu hinted that the large packages of illicit drug confiscated by the security agents in the camps of the Boko Haram insurgents had proved that people, especially youths, who participated in the carnage are under the influence of drugs and not religion ideology.

He further said other crimes like armed robbery, rape, cultism and prostitution thrive because the perpetrators act under the influence of drugs.

“Substance abuse has both physical and social effects on the person involved and the society and I want to say here that as a
professional, 90% of crimes committed are done under the influence of drugs abuse.

“The ready-made evidence is the numbers of drug packages seized from the insurgents, if the fight is that of ideology why do they need any stimulants to act? This is the question we have to ask ourselves the drug abuse by our youth is destroying our society and this is the time
to act fast and curtail this menace before it turn into a monster,” he said

In a remark, Psychiatric Consultant, Dr. Alhassan Mahmmod said parents and the government have to ensure that children did not get lured into the drugs habit by ensuring that the get close to them and ensure that they did not get involved with peers group that can introduced them into substance abuse.

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