66 go-and-die soldiers to serve jail terms

66 go-and-die soldiers to serve jail terms

By Ojo Sola

Of the lot, 66 were accused of committing mutiny, a crime punishable under the military law by death sentence.

The charge sheet said the soldiers, attached to the 7 Division in Maiduguri, conspired to commit mutiny against the authorities of the 7 Division on August 4, at the Mulai Primary School camp, opposite AIT Maiduguri, Borno State.

It also said the soldiers refused to join 111 Special Forces battalion troops led by E. A. Aladeniyi, a colonel, to the Maimalari Barracks for an operation.

“In that you at the Mulai Primary School Camp opposite AIT Maiduguri on or about 4 August 14, refused to join 111 SF Bn troops led by Col EA Aladeniyi (N/9695) to Maimalari Barracks in connection with an operation,” the charge sheet read.

Those charges came two weeks after another military court sentenced 12 soldiers to death for shooting at a vehicle conveying their commander in Maiduguri.

Five other soldiers were discharged and acquitted while one was sentenced to 28 years jail term with hard labour.

The soldiers were also accused of insurrection and firing at the utility vehicle of their general officer commanding, GOC of the same 7 Division, Ahmadu Mohammed.
Many Nigerians condemned the death sentences at the time and demanded a review.

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